Alamance County Education Community Town Hall


Local public education advocates, including the Alamance Burlington Association of Educators and the Alamance NAACP, invite all Alamance County citizens to an Education Town Hall Meeting at Williams High School, at 1307 S. Church St. Burlington, NC, this Monday November 18th, at 6:00 pm. During this time of economic crisis, our local state representatives should be working to strengthen our public education system.  Strong support for public schools is the best way to improve our state’s economic future for everyone.

But the Alamance Burlington public school system is being forced to raise class sizes, cut teacher and support staff positions, and do without books and supplies. Our teachers are among the lowest paid in the country and have had many of their benefits cut.  At the same time the Legislature ended the state Earned Income Tax Credit, refused our federal unemployment benefits and Medicaid money, and only cut taxes for the wealthy.

These legislative actions manufacture two budget crises, one in the homes and one in the schools of our students. We must choose a new path for our families, students, and public schools. Please come to this Town Hall Meeting, join the discussion, and share your perspectives.

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