ImageIt’s time for North Carolina to invest in the future, and not just with money. We invest in the future of our state when we encourage our young people to participate in our election process and pay attention to the issues that impact them. We invest in the future when we acknowledge the competence of young people and speak to them with dignity and respect. A better future requires that we expand opportunities for young people, not decrease them. I hope many young people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and who hold a wide variety of opinions will come together to march on February 8th and represent NC’s future. No matter how young you are, your voice can help make a difference. Let’s show the nation how bright ours future can be when we move forward together.

Madison Kimrey

Founder of NC Youth Rock

Alamance County’s (deservedly) most famous activist. And to remember why, watch her Alamance Moral Monday speech one more time.

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