Simply Put, Building Community Means Saving Lives

Our state leadership gave away our  tax money to other states to fund hospitals in their states, as our hospitals close and thousands of our own North Carolina neighbors die. Those liable for these deaths must be held accountable.

By abdicating the responsibilities of governing, Gov. McCrory, our Legislative leadership, and even our courts have become extensions of predatory business leaders and the inheritors of hoarded wealth. Who then is finally left to be responsible? In our system of democratic checks-and-balances, it is the people themselves. We are left to be responsible for these tragic deaths.

But we can save lives. Join the Alamance NAACP as we work to turn tragedy into community. Organizing with us this summer to register people to vote, but also organize with us to achieve the most essential transformation. We must turn cynicism into solidarity.

Simply put, build community means saving lives.


Noah Read

Alamance NAACP, PAC


Thanks to Story of America for this important documentary work.

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