We Are the Ones We Are Looking For

Alamance People's Assembly Flyer photo

We Are the Ones We Are Looking For

Alamance NAACP organizers have recently travelled to Reidsville and Greensboro to attend Local People’s Assemblies. Activists in those communities are renewing their commitment to working together to ensure that, in the words of our State Constitution, “All political power… is instituted solely for the good of the whole.”

In Greensboro, activists are leading the effort to secure the right to a living wage. In Reidsville, activists are fighting Duke Energy’s plans to put a coal ash dump in the community of Draper and working to remind their neighbors of the role Phil Berger, their State Senator and the leader of the NC Senate, has played in passing so much damaging and deadly legislation.

On April 4th in Burlington, the Alamance NAACP and coalition members will host a Alamance People’s Assembly. Like Greensboro and Reidsville, we will work to strengthen ties with old and new partners. We will hear from labor speakers and make plans to mobilize around the right to a living wage. We will examine our representatives’ records and begin to develop strategies to engage local citizens in non-partisan local lobbying, efforts to raise awareness of voting records, the surveying of our representatives’ positions, representative monitoring, issue-based canvassing and phone banking, and public demonstrations.

We invite all advocates of faith, peace, labor, public education, healthcare, early childhood education, sustainable economies, and the environment; all of those working to increase civic involvement including civic groups, students, faculty, sorority and fraternities, and fraternal organizations; and those working for the civil rights of youth, elder, veterans, women, black, Latino, native, LGBTQ, disabled, immigrant, poor, or any disadvantaged community.

So join us for our Alamance People’s Assembly on April 4th at 1:00 pm, at Life’s Journey UCC (1908 S. Mebane St.) and help us share information, empower those who deserve a stronger voice, and encourage broad civic involvement among our neighbors. This is a pivotal time, when many of our institutions are failing to provide leadership, prosperity, and stability. It is the responsibility of the people, of everyone of us, to provide the last line of defense in this time of crisis. We are the ones we are looking for.

Noah Read

Alamance NAACP                                                                                                   Communications and Coalition Chair

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