The ANAACP Marches Against House Bill 589 – The Worst and the First Voter Suppression Bill After Shelby Co. Vs. Holder


All photos by Alfonso Tobar,

Moral Monday March Reflection: “The Voting Rights Act made available the ability for women, minorities and other people who were pushed out of the voting process to have a voice in the political activity that impacted them. The ability for upstanding citizens to have a voice and to participate in the legislative process is slowly being dismantled and repealed one little slight at a time (there are 4 major revisions… Go read about them). But more importantly, the Blood and deaths from Bloody Sunday will and shall not be shed in vain…at least not on my watch.” –  Tamara Kersey, ANAACP Freedom Rider


“Now say it, I don’t ever want you to you forget it – HOUSE BILL 589”

“Since the days of Deconstruction, in the late 1800’s… we’ve not seen an attack on voting rights and an attempt to abridge the right to vote, like we’ve seen right here in North Carolina. Right here! When in August of 2013, (NC) House Bill 589… Now say it, I don’t ever want you to you forget it – ‘HOUSE BILL 589’ – that was first filed in the General Assembly on April the 4th, 2013, the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King. And that bill after Shelby on 25th of June, became the worst and the first Voter Suppression bill after Shelby (Co. vs. Holder). It went from 14 to 57 pages of voter suppression. And they did it without any debate, without any hearing. They merely passed it and the Governor signed it. And when they did, this Legislature and this Governor instituted another season, of what Dr. King called in ’63, interposition and nullification against our rights.” Rev. William Barber, President of the NC NAACP

11731778_866320276782806_6814128230099341689_o“Fifty years after Selma the fight for the right to vote is still very real. The NC NAACP vs. Governor McCrory court case is our generation’s obligation and opportunity to cry loud and spare not, in defense of access to the ballot . Edmund Burke said “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people do nothing.” Please, join the NAACP, the League of Women Voters and other civil rights activists from across this state in taking a public stand against voter suppression, interposition, and nullification.” – Barrett Brown, ANAACP President 





Alfonso Tobar is a photographer living in Burlington, NC. His work can be seen at and he can be contacted at

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