The Alamance NAACP Joins Local Partners to Protest Against Discriminatory HB2

The Alamance NAACP Joins Local Partners to Protest Attacks Against Minorities, Labor and Local Municipalities by the NC General Assembly and Governor McCrory.



BURLINGTON, NC – On Saturday March 26, the Alamance Branch of the NAACP joined local partners, including Alamance Pride and Life’s Journey UCC, to protest against NC House Bill 2. By passing NC House Bill 2, Governor McCrory and the extremists in the State Legislature, including bill co-sponsor Rep. Dennis Riddell of Alamance County, have written discrimination into the laws of North Carolina and have undermined the ability of local governments to respond to specific circumstances within their own local jurisdictions on critical civic, economic and public safety issues.


We are gathered together to publicly oppose NC HB2 because it is as malicious as it is ridiculous. It is discriminatory and a gross over reach by the Legislature, that tramples on the authority of local municipalities. It is based on fear and ignorance. We call for a repeal of this intrusive and unjust law. – Barrett Brown, President Alamance NAACP

Burlington, NC Mayor Ian Baltutis on the unresponsiveness of Alamance County’s own State Representatives.

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