Arielle Hogarth, Alamance-Burlington Association of Educators President and ANAACP Member, Featured as Statewide Speaker for Education at the 11th Annual HKonJ Moral March

ABAE President, Arielle Hogarth | photo by ANAACP/Adriano A. Tobar

From the speech of ABAE President, Arielle Hogarth, at the 11th Annual HKonJ People’s Assembly, in Raleigh, NC on Feb. 11, 2016:

I am proud to have been selected by the North Carolina Association of Educators to speak at the HKonJ Moral March Saturday. I am a twelve-year social studies teacher at Eastern Alamance High School and proud member of the Alamance NAACP. Educators have a long history of participation in social movements and progressive reforms; I’m committed to doing my part. Now is a perfect time for educators to stand up and speak out for the benefit of our nation’s future. Our students are our future. If we don’t promote equality, equity, progress, and acceptance now, what kind of nation are we creating for future generations? This is a movement, not a moment, and I’m very grateful to work with such amazing Alamance County leaders and social organizations!

The Alamance NAACP and it’s partners are proud to stand with the Alamance-Burlington Association of Educators to fight for a quality education for all of Alamance County’s students. And we will fight for the respect and dignity that Alamance County’s public school teachers must be given every day, to make that quality education a reality.

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