Burlington’s Company Shops Market Co-op Grocery Store Makes a Generous Donation to the March Second Sunday Community Supper

The second and fourth Sunday Community Supper program is an ongoing collaboration between local individuals, organizations, and businesses. Free hot meals are provided to adults and children who are in need, with the long term goal of creating an opportunity for community members of all circumstances to sit down and share a meal together. Anyone... Continue Reading →


Simply Put, Building Community Means Saving Lives

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bk6IJOubG8 Our state leadership gave away our  tax money to other states to fund hospitals in their states, as our hospitals close and thousands of our own North Carolina neighbors die. Those liable for these deaths must be held accountable. By abdicating the responsibilities of governing, Gov. McCrory, our Legislative leadership, and even our courts... Continue Reading →

In Honor of the Historic and Courageous Efforts in Mississippi 50 Years Ago, Moral Freedom Summer Places Organizers in Counties across North Carolina

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihYLTOdrqfc&list=UUeBaVCo1Abl6J-g5E1x080w GREENSBORO, NC - Fifty years ago, hundreds of college students went to Western College for Women in Oxford, Ohio, for a week-long training and orientation before deploying to Mississippi to register African Americans to vote. They were trained in how to survive and, at the same time, how to reach out to poor people... Continue Reading →

It’s time for North Carolina to invest in the future, and not just with money. We invest in the future of our state when we encourage our young people to participate in our election process and pay attention to the issues that impact them. We invest in the future when we acknowledge the competence of... Continue Reading →

In a time where the future of this country is unknown, there is something to celebrate. In North Carolina, thousands of people have connected their personal lives to the disparity of others. There is a rising awareness that our lives are intrinsically connected to that of our neighbors, our friends, our families, and even people... Continue Reading →

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